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Code Todo

If you start a listed task always assign yourself to it. Don't create tasks unless you're a SMC Developer. Use a percent value so everyone can see how much is finished.

Priority List

Feature Task Leader Complete
Image settings constant/continuous Z rotation support like global effect has. Without changing the collision rect so it only works well with square objects. After the switch to Bullet we maybe could add a rotation point... - -
Super/Virtual Image class supporting multiple base images and overwriting of each base image settings More info - -
Widescreen resolution support (f.e. 1024x600) needs variable GAME_RES_W/H More info - -
Bullet library integration for collision detection. - -
Load font characters into graphic RAM which increases performance a lot but needs to support CJK. We currently upload a complete text texture when text is created. - -
Score menu on the end of a Level. The scores should be saved and displayed on the overworld (an example is SMW II) - -
Particle Emitter function Set_Pos_Z_Random_affects_Velocity which multiplies the position z random value with the given value and adds it to the velocity and Set_Pos_Z_Random_affects_Scale for the scale usable for rain, snow and other depth effects - -
Level background editor and a settings mode for easy pre-random sprite background generation - -
Fixed level camera movement with a specified line path (an example is SMW II) - -
Mini Rokko which get shot out of a Cannon. This needs a cannon and mini rokko image. - -
Growing climbing plant. This needs animation images. - -
[After the switch to Bullet] Collision detection slope support ( line start and end y position declared in image settings ) - -
Overworld : More Waypoint types and options (should be able to specify graphics and/or what they do f.e. color, glimming color, alpha image ) - -
Two player at once multiplayer on the same computer (each player using it's own controls). Could be a hard task. - -
Dog pet you can jump on and it should be able to eat some enemies. This needs detailed images. - -
Fireplant enemy which lays on the ground and spit out fire. This needs an animated fireplant and new fireball images. - -
Two player at once multiplayer over the network (with enet, HawkNL or Boost asio ?). A very hard task (for me). - -
Player hard jump for destroying blocks and certain armored enemies (like SMW II Yoshi hard jump) - -
Box activate able from top only (like in SMB3) - -
[After the switch to Bullet] Custom Gravity in a level (0 = default). - -
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