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This page is also available in Swedish.

Please read this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page first. If you don't find your answer, feel free to ask in the forum.


General Questions

Q: Will Secret Maryo Chronicles run on my computer ?

A: Secret Maryo Chronicles should run on most modern computers, however performance may vary based the complexity of the levels. The system requirements can be found at the bottom of this page. But the best way to find out is to download the game and try it.

Q: Who are the guys doing this ?

A: On the Main site, there is a page with the creators. You may also contact the creators via the forum or the IRC Channel.

Q: Who's Maryo ?

A: Maryo is an original jumpy action character, not based on the Super Mario, with a new story to come soon. Older versions used redrawn Mario sprites, but this was changed in version 0.98 because of trademark/copyright issues and the feeling that we don't want to 'clone' Super Mario. You can find more about New Maryo here.

Q: Where are my levels, worlds and saved games or the game images and music stored ?

A: This depends on your game version and operating system, but this should apply to most users:

User Data Location
User Created Levels [USER_DIR]/levels
User Created Worlds [USER_DIR]/worlds
Saved Games [USER_DIR]/savegames
Screenshots [USER_DIR]/screenshots

  • Information specific to your profile is stored in [USER_DIR]. You'll need to show hidden files to be able to see this directory.
    • On Windows, this will be C:/Documents and Settings/$your user name$/Application Data/smc or as a system link %APPDATA%/smc/.
    • On Linux, this will be /home/$your user name$/.smc or as a system link ~/.smc/.
    • On Mac, this will be /Library/Application Support/smc. If your computer has two users or more, the path will be /user/your user name/Library/Application Support/smc.

Game Data Location
Images [SMC_DIR]/pixmaps
Music [SMC_DIR]/music

  • Data which came with the game is stored in [SMC_DIR], the install directory of Secret Maryo Chronicles. You'll need to be administrator/root to modify these files.
    • On Windows, this is, by default, C:/Program Files/SMC/data.
    • On Linux, it depends on how it was built. If it's a packaged version, this will normally be /usr/share/games/SMC/. If compiled with no options, the files will be in /usr/local/share/SMC/.
    • On Mac, you can right click on the SMC icon and select "show Package Content". Then open contents > resources > data.

Q: How do I use the .patch files posted on the forum ?

A: A patch file details changes to be made to certain source files. Often, contributed new features or bug fixes are released as patches to be installed by the user.

To apply the patch to your game, you'll need to open a terminal at the top source directory (and copy the patch there) and run "patch -p0 -i <patchfile>". If it fails, try putting the patch in a different directory. The source is included in binary releases, usually as /src. You should also be able to apply patches using any IDE, such as Visual Studio. A patch only modifies the original source code, so needs to be added into the game before compilation. If you're not familiar with how to compile the game from source, please make sure you can do this before trying to use a patch.

Q: When compiling, how can I specify where the installed files should go ?

A: If you want to do a custom install, for example to keep two versions separate on the same system, you can compile with a custom configure line where you would normally run ./configure. E.g. ./configure --bindir=/usr/games --datadir=/usr/share/games --prefix=/usr/share/games will write to the location normally used by package versions. You can then complete the compile as usual and the compiler will sort everything out. If you use checkinstall, ensure to write different package names for each version, otherwise the earlier version will be automatically removed.

Q: I'm using Git on Windows. Why is there no binary for the latest Git version ?

A: Binaries are only added for Git releases containing code changes. Many updates are just for graphics or music, so won't change the actual binary. Just make sure you check the page whenever you update and always use the latest version available.

Q: Why isn't *insert feature* from *insert Mario game* included ?

A: This is not a Super Mario clone but an independent project, coded by individuals with less money than major game producers. If you think a major feature is missing that should be included, please request it in the forum Please be patient, as there are a lot of requests and very few developers.

Q: I want to contribute to the project. What can I do ?


  • If you are good at vector graphics design, we are in need of more artists. Please see the Todo Graphics for information on what you can do.
  • If you can create sounds or music, please post here
  • If you have programming knowledge, please see the Todo Code or contact FluXy
  • Otherwise, you can contribute levels, provide bug reports or contribute to this wiki.
  • We also always appreciate any donations you can make.
  • And don't forget to spread the word. You can find images to link to us here

Game Related Questions

Q: How do I control Maryo ?

A: The basic default controls are:

  • Arrow Keys: Movement
  • A: Run
  • S: Jump
  • SPACE: Shoot (Fire and Ice balls)

For more detailed controls and information, take a look at the How to play guide. Additionally in the Editor you can press F1 for a help screen listing all game and editor controls. You can change the controls at any time by pressing ESC, then Options and Controls. Multiple actions may be assigned to a single button.

Q: How can I jump high enough to clear an obstacle ?

A: Try one of the special jumps. If you still can't get over an object, there's probably another way around it.

Q: How can I save my game ?

A: Please read the how to play guide for more information.

Q: Can I create my own levels ?

A: Yes, please take a look at the Editor guide to find out how. Be sure to post your finished levels in the forum

Q: Can I add my own graphics into the game (as level objects) ?

A: Yes, If you put your image in the /pixmaps directory and make a settings file for it, the game will find it and you'll be able to use it in the editor. Please see the sprites page for information on settings files and image dimensions. Don't forget to include the images and settings files when you share your levels.

Q: Why can't I hear any music ?

A: No music is included in the download to keep the file size down. You are encouraged to download the Music add-on which you can install into the game. Download it from the official download page and extract it to the \data folder.

Q: How do I change the game options ? Ingame / by parameter ?

A: In-game this is very simple, just press ESC and go to the 'Options' menu. There is no support as of now (Version 1.0) to change options with command line parameters.

Q: How can I change between full screen and windowed graphics ?

A: Press ESC and go to the 'Options' menu. Click "Video" and change "full screen" to "no". Click apply to redraw the window. Alternatively, you can switch at any time by Pressing Alt + Enter in the game.


Q: Can I change the resolution of SMC to my favorite Laptop / Windows / whatever resolution?

A: There is no way to change the resolution in-game to one which does not have an aspect ratio of 4:3. Widescreen (16:9) support is planned. It is possible to use a widescreen resolution if you manually change the config.xml file, however this will not offer "true widescreen", just stretch the picture in the horizontal direction.

Q: Why can't I see my new graphics/ How do I rebuild the cache ?

A: Secret Maryo Chronicles caches all images for faster loading. Cached objects are stored in your home directory. As of version 1.5, you can easily rebuild the cache from inside the game by going to Options > Video > Recreate Cache.

Q: Why can't I use the editor (F8) on Mac?

A: Many Mac keyboards have default bindings to the F keys. To remove these, open "System Preferences" > "Keyboard and Mouse". Make sure "All controls" in "Keyboard Shortcuts" is checked. Then in "Keyboard", check "Use all F1, F2 etc. keys as standard function keys". This should restore editor functionality.

Q: How can I run the game from Terminal ?

A: Running from terminal can provide useful debugging information, and is especially useful if the game won't start. On Linux, this is as simple as opening a terminal emulator and typing "smc" and pressing Enter.

On Windows, go to Start > Run and type
and press enter. This should give a black box. Type
cd "C:\Program Files\smc"
(or wherever your smc folder is stored). If that works, type "smc" and press Enter.

On mac you have to right-click the icon of SMC, then select " Show Package Content" and open: content >MacOS >smc and SMC will be started with terminal automatically!

If you have problems starting the game, please try this and post any output to a new thread on the forum.

Q: I'm getting an "OpenGL less than optimal version 1.4" warning. What should I do ?

A: If the game is running fine, you don't need to do anything. Most Linux distros won't be using this version, and the game should run on most recent OpenGL versions. You can try compiling the latest OpenGL, but it may clash with other packages on your system.

Q: I have a gamepad with a D-pad and an analogue stick. Why is the game only seeing one ?

A: As of version 1.3, you can specify which axis should be used via the "joy_axis_hor" and "joy_axis_ver" parameters in the config.xml file. You can find the axis numbers via Control Panel (Windows), Kcontrol (KDE) or jscalibrator (Linux). If you use an older version, these parameters can't be changed, and the game will only see the first two axis. Please update to the latest version.

Q: Why is the game running slowly ?

A: This could be a number of reasons but often caused by not using the latest official graphics driver. Please take a look through the forum to see if there is a fix. If not, please start a new thread for your problem.

Slowness in levels can often be caused by using too many or too large particle emitter objects, so special care must be taken when implementing these into levels.

Q: Why can't I enter World 2 from the overworld / Unable to go to the next world

A: This is due to an old glitch, present since 1.9+git versions usually. Some worlds have space including in the names, and this broke some UNIX-like links references (In M$ os's also happened due runs GPL-linux like software too like boost!).

__LINUX Quickfix__

Just open a terminal and run following command, which replaces every "World " with "world_" in the descriptions of the 4 worlds:

$ sudo sed -i 's/World /world_/' /usr/share/games/smc/world/world_?/description.xml

You usually also need to replace them in your savegames:

$ sed -i 's/World /world_/g' ~/.smc/savegames/*

And in the campaign:

$ sudo sed -i 's/World /world_/' /usr/share/games/smc/campaign/smc.smccpn

For any reason the game crashes, it doesn't crash if "world_1" gets changed bach to "World 1"

$ sudo sed -i 's/world_1/World 1/' /usr/share/games/smc/world/world_1/description.xml
$ sed -i 's/world_1/World 1/g' ~/.smc/savegames/*

You can also do it in other ways, e.g. browse to
and open
in a root editor. Change line the "name" value from "World 1" to "world_1". (Lower-case the W and replace the space with an underscore.) Repeat on all world "description.xml" files. SMC should then be able to load these worlds from the overworld.

__WINDOWS Step-by-step__

  • 1. Open My Computer, and click on Drive C:. (Or wherever you installed SMC.) Go to
    C:\Program Files\Secret Maryo Chronicles\data\world
World dir.png

(Click on an image to view the larger version.)

  • 2. Open notepad.
  • 3. Open the world folder you're going to change. We'll start with "world_1".
World 1-description.png
  • 4. Select the "description[.xml]" file and drag it over to your notepad to open it.
  • 5. Edit the part where it says
    Value="World 1"
    and change it to
World 1-select.png
World 1-hilight.png
  • 6. Save the file, and go back to the "world" folder. Select the next world and repeat steps 3-5. "World 2" will become "world_2". (Make the W small, and replace the space with an underscore ("_").)

After this, SMC should be able to load the next world.

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