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This project was created to give SMC a wide audience and to further define the project's goals and reach, titled project SMCE (Secret Maryo Chronicles Everywhere).

As part of a new push to gain further acceptance and to promote further progress on developing the game, a new set of goals have been discussed and will be added to the SMCE project.

Originally, the idea was to encourage distributions to include SMC in their repositories (default lists of installable software) by replacing assets that might concern them legally, and then contacting the package / repository maintainers personally before the feature freeze of their next major release. This was denoted as Phase 1.

See the pages for further information.


These phases and goals are fluid for the moment and maybe continue to evolve.

  • Phase 1 - Nearly complete.
  • Phase 2 - Many high priority parts are finished.
  • Phase 3 - Unknown and still in early planning.
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