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On this page you'll get an overview on how to develop Secret Maryo Chronicles.

Official Releases

I (FluXy) currently compile SMC with VC2008 without STLPort. SMC 1.8 was the last Release I compiled with VC2005 and STLPort as the C++ standard library on Windows because of the good STL support, additional debugging and some other nice stuff. This meant if you are not using STLPort with the same version you can not use the binaries from the official Windows releases.

The library versions that are used for the latest Version can be viewed in the dependencies-history.

Integrated Development Environment

This Tutorial helps with developing SMC using :

CodeBlocks can use the Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler and GCC.

Make sure you have the SMC source.

Building with Visual Studio

Platform SDK

The SDK for Windows Applications must be installed. Only Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition is distributed without the Platform SDK but you can install it manually.

The only required component of the Platform SDK is "Microsoft Windows Core SDK".

The Platform SDK Include and Library paths may need to be set in Visual C++ >> Tools >> Options >> Projects and Solutions >> VC++ Directories. The Microsoft Platform SDK\include\mfc directory may need to be added as well so that afxres.h can be found.

Manual Setup

These changes may not be required in the latest version of the platform SDK: Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows Server 2003 R2.

After the installation is completed, manually edit vsvars32.bat in the %VS80COMNTOOLS% directory (default is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\Tools\) and append the full path to the Platform SDK include, lib and bin subdirectories to INCLUDE, LIB and PATH environment variables that are set in this file, respectively. Alternatively, you might install Platform SDK to directory %VC80_ROOT%\PlatformSDK (which usually resolves to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\PlatformSDK), because this directory name is preconfigured in the default installation of Visual C++ 2005 Express.

Boost build will call the vsvars32.bat batch file (indirectly through %VC80_ROOT%\bin\vcvars32.bat) in order to set environment variables that are required by Visual C++ compiler and linker if MSVCDir environment variable is not set. If you set MSVCDir environment variable in your computer configuration or any other batch file executed before boost build is commenced, please make sure to adjust INCLUDE and LIB accordingly in order to enable Visual C++ to use Platform SDK headers and libraries.

DirectX SDK

The DirectX SDK Include and Library paths may need to be set in Visual C++ >> Tools >> Options >> Projects and Solutions >> VC++ Directories.


You can use the pre-built development libraries for VC9 SP1 (called VC9SP1_libs*) from the binaries page or build them from source :

Now setup the include & lib for them in Visual C++.


Open the project file in


Check that you have selected the correct libraries, and you are ready to go!

Building with Codeblocks

For MinGW, please see Compiling on Windows with MinGW and Code::Blocks.

This is a quick guide for the MSVC Compiler.

  • Please make sure that the following compiler options are activated:
  • The compiler must be changed to Microsoft Visual C++ if not already
  • Set up your include & lib's under Settings / Compiler and Debugger (for Microsoft Visual C++).
  • and finally open the project file in

and now you're ready to roll!

If you can't open any source files, please remove all files from the project and add the src tree again. This happens because Codeblocks stores the file locations, and these can differ from development system to development system.

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