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This is a list of the current and the planned Power ups. Most of these items can be found in question mark boxes as well as free standing in some levels.

* Mushroom
(these come in different varieties)
*1 Red Mushroom This mushroom changes Maryo from small Maryo to big Maryo allowing Maryo to take an additional hit if necessary.
*2 green mushroom, This is one of two green mushrooms, this one allows Maryo an extra life should he die while in a level.
*3 Poison mushroom, This Mushroom is also green but is distinguishable from the spare life mushroom by the green trail of poisonous slime that trails it.
*4 Blue or Ice Mushroom, This mushroom gives Maryo the ability to temporarily freeze enemies, this will disable some, kill others, and prove ineffective on a few.'** Will change in the future that objects spawned from ghost objects are also ghost objects.
*5 Ghost Mushroom, This mushroom temporarily gives Maryo the ability to see things he would not normally be able to and gives him access to other areas he may not be able to access otherwise
* Fireplant This gives Maryo the ability to throw fireballs that can kill many enemies
* Star This power up temporarily renders Maryo invincible, when he comes in contact with enemies some will die while others will simply not harm him as they normally would
*Yellow Moon, This Power up allows Maryo three Spare lives, these are extremely rare and are usually hidden well within the game.

* Flying
** Graphics need to be recreated in Inkscape.
* Water
** Not yet planned as we need a Water Tileset and Implementation first.

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