Legal Notice for Contributions

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Contributions refer to any image, music, sound, level, world or other data file which are send and to which you own the rights.


Sending any contributions (else if explicitly described not as such) for this game on the Forum/Wiki/E-Mail is a tacit acceptance of the fact that you allow the Project Leader complete copyright. You maintain your own full rights to the contributions, and may continue to do whatever you wish to do with them.

Please do not post any contributions to which you do not own the rights, or any derivative work under copyright law. We cannot accept such works. Such actions are punishable by banning at the first or second offense, subject to moderator's and administration's judgment.

Fair Use

Work to which you do not hold the rights may be posted under the "fair use" exemption, but not for the purpose of contribution to this game. The "fair use" exemption was created to allow things such as commentary, parody, research and education about copyrighted works without the permission of the author. Should you make such a contribution, be sure it's legal and accredit the copyright holder.

Special definition for music

The definition of “source code” refers in the case of music not to their project source but to the file itself. This means you don't need to publish the project files of contributed music files.

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