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How to get the latest build of SMC for Windows.

This will be a development build, it's maybe unstable and function differently to how it's expected. It is intended for developers and contributors only so use it at your own risk. If you just want to play the game, please download the latest stable version, which can always be found on the Downloads page.


The Client

This Guide uses the easiest Client available to get the Git Repository contents. More Clients are on the Git Article.

Download and Install the latest stable TortoiseGit, you may need to restart to get TortoiseGit running.

Repository Contents

Now create a directory where you want to download the Latest Build of SMC for example 'SMC Git' then right click on this directory and on the 'Git Clone' Entry which opens a new window where you need to enter the Repository Address which is :


Click on the OK Button to start the process which downloads all the latest files of SMC but not the dependencies and binaries.

Dependencies and Binaries

Once the download finished move to and download the latest dependencies zip and from the executable folder the latest binary. Both of these zip packages must get extracted into the 'SMC Git' directory. Additionally you need to have the latest vcredist package installed.


You now have the latest build and to update to a newer build if available you only have to right click on the 'SMC Git' directory and on 'Pull' Entry and get the latest dependencies and executable binary if a new version exists.

Different Git and Binary version

If SMC doesn't work check that the Git commit works with the binary and if no fitting binary from that day is available move back to an earlier Git commit.

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