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A guide to get you started with Secret Maryo Chronicles. If you prefer, a brief in-game tutorial is available from version 1.5 by selecting Start, Level then "game_tutorial" from the menu.

Text in italics represents menu choices or game screens. Text in bold represents default control mappings. If you have changed control options, please substitute appropriately.
Images here are for illustrative purposes only, and may not represent actual gameplay.



Secret Maryo Chronicles is a 2D sidescrolling platform game. Maryo must traverse four worlds collecting powerups and attacking enemies to face the final boss and save the day!

Getting Started


When you start the game you will be presented with this screen. Click Start to begin playing the main overworld or individual levels. Click Options to change video or audio options or game controls. Load and Save load and save the game respectively. Quit exits the game and returns you to your desktop. To return to this menu, press Esc at any time in game. This allows you to load or save at any point or change options without disturbing your game.

Reading the map

You move between levels using the map screen. Move between levels with the arrow keys. Once you arrive at the level you wish to play, press Enter to start the level. You may revisit completed levels as often as you wish.


Next level is always the latest unlocked level. Clear this to unlock the next locked level. Clear all the levels to clear the map!

Reading the game screen

Once you have entered a level, you will need to find an exit to get to the next level. An exit may be a pipe, a door or just an opening. To pause the game and return to the menu, press Esc.


Time is not a countdown timer, it just counts how long you have spent in the level. Points are used for saves. Gold is used for extra lives.


Every time you destroy an enemy, or collect a Powerup, a number will float out of it. This number will be added to the points total, in the top left hand corner of the screen. Every time you collect 3,000 points, you will be allowed to save anywhere on any level, anytime. Collect as many points as you can, and chose your save spot carefully, because once you've saved, you can't get the points back. If you get Game over, you'll lose all your points.


You can save anytime from the map screen for free, or anywhere in any level for the cost of 3,000 points. When you are ready to save, press Esc and select Save. Chose a blank file, or an existing save to overwrite and press Enter. Your name and save time will be stored in the save for identifying later. You may then press Esc again to return to the game, or click Exit to quit. You may have up to 9 separate files. To load your file, select Load from the main menu, select your file and press Enter. You will return to exactly where you were before you saved. Warning: Prior to version 1.3, when you load your save file, enemies will regenerate, so try to avoid saving in an area which can be accessed by enemies.

Lives and Game Over

If small Maryo gets hit in a level, or any Maryo falls down a gap, he will die and lose a life. You will be returned to the map and may retry the level from the start. If you saved in the level, you can load that and restart the level from that point. Otherwise, you must restart the level from the beginning. If Maryo has zero lives when he dies, the Game Over screen will show and he will be returned to the main menu. Any unsaved progress will be lost, so make sure to save after every level you complete.


Maryo can increase his number of lives by finding a green mushroom or moon, or by collecting 100 goldpieces.

Maryo's Moves

Maryo has a variety of moves in his arsenal to navigate levels. Try to learn them and when to use them.



The most basic move. Press the Left or Right arrow keys to start walking in that direction. Maryo will stop walking when you release that direction. If Maryo is walking on a slippery surface, it may take time to stop or change direction.



If you hold down A while walking, Maryo will move faster. After running a certain distance, Maryo will become even faster. Maryo can run over small gaps in the land and even outrun a Turtle shell!



Press the Down Arrow to make Maryo duck. This can be used to avoid flying enemies.



Pressing S will make Maryo jump. The longer you hold the key down, the higher Maryo will jump. Maryo can attack enemies by jumping on them. Various enemies will respond differently; some enemies they will be destroyed with a single jump, some need two and some can't be destroyed with jumps. Avoid jumping on spiky enemies!

Carry/Throw shells


Press A and run into a Turtle shell to pick it up! Hold A while moving to carry the shell through the level. Press Down arrow to drop the shell in front of Maryo, or release A anywhere in the level to throw the shell and send it speeding through the level at enemies, blocks, or just off the edge. You can also use the shell as a shield! If you walk into an enemy or block whilst holding a shell, the shell will affect as normal, then be removed from the screen.

Enter pipes/doors


Discover new areas with pipes and doors! Maryo can enter pipes in any direction! Pipes may lead to level exits, bonuses or secret areas. Just make contact with the surface of the pipe and press the arrow key in the direction of the pipe to be sucked into it. Press Up arrow to enter doors.

Climb Vines


Reach high places and secret areas by climbing vines! Stand in front of a vine and press Up arrow to start climbing. You can also grab vines in mid air! Press Up and Down arrows to move up and down the vine. Press S to jump off the vine, or onto another vine. Press A to climb faster.

Fall through Platforms


Many scenery objects aren't completely solid. Some objects are purely background scenery, but sometimes Maryo can walk in front of an object, jump through it and stand on it. In this case, you can make Maryo drop through the object to the ground below by pressing the down arrow. Be careful not to do this on ground/platforms with nothing underneath! Experiment to find out how different ground types affect Maryo.

Recover item


Maryo can store powerups and use them at any time. A detailed item flow diagram is given in the Powerups section. If you want to recover the item in the itembox, press Enter and the item will drop down from the sky. Make sure you grab it or you lose it! The item will drop automatically if you get hit by an enemy, which returns you to small Maryo. NOTE: collecting the itembox item will replace your current state, without saving your state, even if your current state is more powerful. Think hard before using this, because there's no going back!

Advanced Moves

Once you've mastered the basics, try using these advanced tricks for even more fun!

High Jump


Jump while running to jump even higher! If you go into the faster run, then jump, you'll go even higher!

Enemy Bounce


Jump again as soon as you land on an enemy's head (make sure the enemy can be jumped on!), and you can do another jump, even higher than a normal jump. Combine this with a High Jump for the highest jump of all!

Power Jump (V. 1.5 and higher)


If Maryo crouches for long enough, stars will start to appear around his feet. Jump when this happens for a higher jump than normal.

Combo Jump


Here's a secret way to collect even more points! If you can do an enemy bounce off an enemy to land on another enemy, you'll get more points than usual for the second enemy. You also get increased points for killing many enemies in a short time, either with a shell, or a star.

Duck Slide


If an opening is too low to walk through, Maryo may still be able to crawl though it. Duck while running and Maryo's momentum will cause him to slide forwards for a while in the duck position, making him able to squeeze into many tight places. If the gap's too long, Maryo may become trapped! If you get trapped, you can get out by repeatedly jumping.

Faster vine climbing


Jumping is much faster than climbing vines, so why not exploit this to climb vines extra fast? Jump straight up off a vine, then grab it again at the peak of the jump. Practice the timing to climb any vine very fast. To fall very fast, just jump once at the top of the vine, then grab on again just before you reach the bottom. Be careful not to drop off if there's nothing below!

Directional influence


Maryo can adjust his jumps in the air! Move left or right while airborne to steer the direction of the jump. This can get more distance on jumps, or precisely steer to land on a enemy.

Jump Cancelling


Directional influence can be used to cancel the momentum of a jump to make precise landings much easier. Press in the opposite direction to the direction you're jumping and Maryo will turn around in the air. Practice the timing to exactly cancel the jump and you'll be able to make very precise landings on small platforms; a very useful skill indeed!

Throw shell straight up


The ultimate move for the pros! This is the hardest move in the game, and pulling it off is very satisfying. To perform it, first grab a shell. While holding this, press the Up arrow and jump. Before you reach the peak of the jump, release the shell, while still holding Up and the jump button. The shell should travel vertically upwards, then fall back down. While the shell is airborne, try to hit it from beneath to send it flying in either direction. The usefulness of this move is limited, but it looks great. ;)


Secret Maryo Chronicles has many items to collect, which power Maryo up in various ways. This chart explains the various forms of Maryo, and more explanations of each item are given below.


Items can be found in boxes, or just collected in levels. Point values for collecting a single instance of the item are shown in (brackets).

Gold (10 from boxes, 5 floating)


Collecting a goldpiece adds 1 to the gold counter at the top of the screen. You can find gold in boxes, or just floating in levels. Gold from boxes doesn't have to be touched to be collected. Once the gold counter reaches 100, it will reset to 0, and an Maryo will gain an extra life.

Red Gold (200 from boxes, 100 floating)


Exactly the same as gold, but adds 5 to you gold counter. A rare bonus. Sometimes levels have a limited amount of red gold, and challenge you to find them all.

Red Mushroom (500)


A red mushroom will make Maryo grow bigger, which grants him no extra powers, but allows him to be hit once without dying (he will return to small Maryo). All forms of Maryo will still die if he falls down a gap. Also, Fireplants and Blue Mushrooms often won't show themselves to small Maryo, so you'll need big Maryo to collect them

Fireplant (700)


Turns any form of Maryo into Fire Maryo. Fire Maryo can throw fireballs by pressing SPACE. These can burn most enemies instantly, but won't work on all enemies. Being hit will return him to small Maryo.

Blue Mushroom (700)


Turns any form of Maryo into Ice Maryo. Ice Maryo can throw iceballs by pressing SPACE. These can freeze almost all enemies for a short time, during which Maryo can walk into them to eliminate them. It even works on some enemies that aren't affected by fire. Being hit will return him to small Maryo.

Ghost Mushroom (800)


Turns any form of Maryo into Ghost Maryo for a short time. Ghost Maryo can't throw fire or ice, even if his previous form could, but Ghost Maryo can see and use special ghost blocks for bonus items or as platforms. Also, chase enemies, such as Rokko won't be able to see Maryo. A hit will return Maryo to his previous form.

Green Mushroom (1000)


Gives Maryo an instant extra life. Look hard for this one!

Star (1000)


Grab this to turn into star Maryo for a limited time. Star Maryo will flash and a special music will play. During this time, he can walk into any enemies and never get hurt. Star Maryo can access areas normally unreachable by walking on enemies. But watch out for when it wears off... Star Maryo will still die if he falls into a gap.

Moon (4000)


Gives Maryo an instant 3 extra lifes! A super rare item, you'll have to look really hard if you want to find one of these.


Here are some of the enemies Maryo has to defeat. Enemies can be defeated by jumping on them, hitting them with fire or ice balls, or running through them while invincible. Different methods will work on different enemies, and may give you different amounts of points. Point values for killing the enemy while invincible are shown (although most of the time, you'll probably just jump!), but experiment to find the best way to kill each enemy...
NOTE: These enemies are correct as of the version (1.9), but may be different for older stable versions. Please check with your version.

Furball (12)


The most basic and common enemy. Furball just walks forward in a straight line until something causes it to turn or it falls down a gap. With no particular strengths, a simple jump is enough to kill a Furball.

Blue Furball (60)


Identical to a standard Furball, but moves approximately twice as fast. Recovers from the effects of ice very fast, so watch out!

Spikeball (400)


Invincible enemy, unless you got star power. Walks slowly around and speeds up from time to time. They are heavy, so if they fall of an edge, they nearly fall down in a straight line.

Turtle (60, 180)


Comes in red and green varieties, although their behavior is identical. A single jump reduces him to a shell, which can be jumped or walked on to kick it. Be careful of moving shells.

Gee (60, 120, 240)


Comes in three varieties: Geelectro (yellow), Geelava (red) and Geevenom (green). All can move either vertically (up/down) or horizontally (left/right). Can often be jumped on to cross gaps. Geelava is resistant to fire.

Krush (24)


Krush is a large red monster who walks back and forth. Stomp on him once to turn him into his bottom half form, Krushed.

Krushed (48)


The bottom half of Krush. Can never be found on its own in levels, only from jumping on a Krush. Moves faster than Krush.

Flyon (120)


Flyons often hide in pipes or caves and jump out all the time unless Maryo blocks the exit. Watch where you step, because you never know where they may be hiding! It has sharp teeth, so don't try to jump on it.

Eato (180)


A small, static plant that will try to bite Maryo if he gets close. Touching it from any side will hurt Maryo.

Thromp (240)


Thromp will hang in one place until Maryo gets close, then will fly towards him in an attempt to crush Maryo. You can stand on his head safely.

Spika (60, 240, 600)


Comes in three colours, in ascending size; orange, green and silver. Will roll towards Maryo if he gets close. Can't be jumped on unless invincible.

Rokko (N/A)


A giant bullet character who flies towards Maryo when in range. He's hard to dodge so get out of the way as soon as you hear his noise. Can't be killed with star, but jumping on him gets you 250 points.

Poison Mushroom (0)


This is a "trick" powerup. Sometimes it will come out of a box instead of a powerup, and will slide along the ground until Maryo touches it, or it goes off an edge. If Maryo touches it, it will damage him.

Boss (???)


Rumor has it that there are two types of bosses in the game. No one knows what they look like, but if you search hard enough, maybe you'll find one...

Level Objects

That's not all. Levels also contain strange objects that can help you or make the path harder.


Boxes come in a variety of forms and styles, and can contain gold, items or poison mushrooms. You never know until you break it open! Boxes can be walked on, or opened by jumping into them from beneath or hitting them with a turtle shell. Some boxes can only be seen by Ghost Maryo, and some only become visible when opened.


These are like normal boxes, but don't contain anything. When Maryo hits these, they start spinning, and Maryo, items and enemies can pass straight through them, as if they weren't there. They stop spinning after a short time, and become solid again.

Moving Platforms

Not all ground in the game is fixed. Some objects will move from side to side or up and down across the stage. Sometimes, solid ground will even start to move when touched by Maryo.

Falling Platforms

Some ground isn't really solid at all! If Maryo steps on this, it will fall away after a short time. If Maryo is on it when he falls, he'll die. Some platforms are moving and falling, so be extra careful.


Sometimes, going through a pipe or a door in a level can transport you to another part of the level, a secret area or even a completely different level. Not all pipes and doors will lead somewhere, but keep trying to find the ones that do. Some other parts of landscape can be entered too. Look for clues in the levels!

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