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Git is a distributed version control system, more information on Wikipedia. The SMC Repository hosts all the latest Drafts and Game files available. This guide should help you out with the Git repository.


Switch from SVN

Ever since OpenSVN decided that their SVN service was out dated, SMC is hosted on github.


An easy way to access the repository is through the use of a graphical user interface (GUI) client. A GUI client allows the user to do mostly the same as the command line system and should be easier for individuals to use who do not have experience with Git or other version control systems.

List of clients:

  • Giggle - The Gnome Git Manager
  • GitX - Mac OS X client much like gitk.
  • TortoiseGit - TortoiseSVN like interface for Git.



  • Checking out a repository :
git clone git://
  • Create a patch :
git diff > coolthing.patch
  • Apply a patch :
git apply patch.diff -v
  • Show not committed changes :
git status
  • Update (get the latest version) :
git pull
  • Commit local (not the server) :
git commit path/to/some/files
  • Push to server (send local commits) :
git push
  • Rename a file/directory :
git mv abc.svg xyz.svg


  • Revert to a previous commit by hash :
git-reset --hard <hash>
  • Revert to the previous commit :
git-reset --hard HEAD^
  • Configure git :
git config "FirstName LastName"
git config ""
  • Turn all color options on :
git config --global color.ui "auto"

External Links

  • Git Home - The Git home page with downloads and a lot of useful documentation.
  • Git@Wikibooks - A good reference for Git.
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