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In this tutorial, you will learn here how to activate and use the built-in editor, which keys are in use and how to create a simple level.


Editor Basics

Activate the Editor

Press F8 while in a level to activate / deactivate the Editor.

Mac Note: If you use the original Mac keyboard F8 will only cause Itunes to play a Song. Use the function (fn) key with F8 or any other Keyboard to be able to use this feature again.

Level Limits

The level limits determine how large a level is and determine the limits of the camera during game play. The limits are shown as thin vertical and horizontal lines, creating a rectangle. This rectangle defines the level boundaries. For camera effects, you can adjust the right and top sides of this rectangle by using the Level Settings dialog, which can be accessed through the editor's Main Menu. The left and bottom lines are fixed. Build your level with this in mind. Also, remember that the bottom line (y=0) is the absolute lower limit, in that if Maryo touches this line, he dies instantly. So don't try to create any level features below this line because they won't be seen and can't be used by Maryo.

Placing Objects

On the left side of the screen you will see a small black rectangle. If you hover your mouse over this, the Editor menu will pop out. Click an item group, and another menu will open. Use this menu to drag & drop scenery, enemies and items for your level. For a brief overview with pictures see the Website Editor Tutorial

Editor keys

Use the following keys in the Editor (you can press F1 in the Editor to see this ingame):

  • F1 - Toggle Help Window
  • F8 - Open / Close the Editor
  • F10 - Toggle sound effects
  • F11 - Toggle music play
  • Home - Focus level start
  • End - Focus last level exit
  • Ctrl + G - Goto Camera position
  • N - Step one screen to the right ( Next Screen )
  • P - Step one screen to the left ( Previous Screen )
  • M - Cycle through massive types (use for object groups)
    • Massive -> Halfmassive -> Climbable -> Passive -> Front Passive
  • Ctrl + N - Create a new Level
  • Ctrl + L - Load a Level
  • Ctrl + W - Load an Overworld
  • Ctrl + S - Save current Level/World
  • Ctrl + Shift + S - Save the current Level/World under a new name
  • Ctrl + D - Toggle debug mode
  • Ctrl + A - Select all objects
  • Ctrl + Shift + A - Deselect all objects
  • Ctrl + X - Cut currently selected objects
  • Ctrl + C - Copy currently selected objects
  • Ctrl + V or Insert - Paste current copied / cut objects
  • Ctrl + R - Replace the selected basic sprite(s) image with another one
  • Del - If Mouse is over an object: Delete current object
  • Del - If Mouse has nothing selected: Delete selected objects
  • Numpad:
  • + - Bring object to front
  • - - Send object to back
  • 2/4/6/8 - Move selected tile in direction ( 1 Pixel )
  • Mouse:
  • Left (Hold) - Drag objects
  • Left (Click) - With shift to select / deselect single objects
  • Right - Delete intersecting Object
  • Middle - Switch to Mover Mode
  • Ctrl + Shift + Left (Click) - Select objects with the same type
  • Arrow keys:
  • Use arrow keys to move around. Press shift for faster movement

Create a simple level

If you want to read this tutorial while you are in Secret Maryo Chronicles, you can toggle between windowed and fullscreen mode, simply press Alt + Enter or change the entry in the Options menu to window mode or press Alt + Tab to minimize it.

To create a simple level, follow these steps:

  • Create a new level with the New button in the Editor menu.
  • Create the beginning. Place Maryo anywhere.
  • Create the ground tiles to run on.
  • Create a level exit ( f.e. door or pipe ).
  • Change some level settings like the background color and music.

Create the beginning

When you open the level editor, Maryo will be automatically placed somewhere near the beginning. You can drag & drop him to the place you want him to enter the level.

Create tiles

Open the level editor menu. Select Desert Ground. Now another tab will open with the selected items. Drag one of the items under Maryo and make a flat ground line of tiles. Make sure the Y position (hover over the tile) is identical for each tile, or Maryo will not be able to run over them. You can do this easily by hovering over the first tile, hold the middle mouse button down and pressing the 6 button on the numpad for each tile you want to place. Now select in the left menu Doors and drag the yellow door to the end of the row of tiles.

Massive types

Please note that all level tiles where Maryo can collide on were changed to Massive. You can change the massive type with the key M. Also you can see the color of the selection which provides information, which massive type the tile is. Here the tiles have to be red, meaning massive. Passive tiles should only be used for scenery, as Maryo can't stand on them. Halfmassive tiles can be stood on, jumped onto, and fallen through (by pressing down). This is useful for platforms, but not good for ground or walls.

You should experiment with various massive types for yourself: Create some halfmassive tiles and let Maryo run on them. You can jump onto the tiles, but you can't collide with the tiles jumping from the side. Also you can press Down on halfmassive tiles and you'll fall down these tiles. There are also Climbable and Front Passive tiles, which should explain themselves. Choosing the right type can be very important for a level.

Create a level exit

The last step is to select Special in the left menu and drag Level Beam onto the screen, directly over the door. This will create a way for Maryo to exit the level, by pressing up whilst standing in front of the door. Level beams can be used on any scenery piece, but make sure you make it clear that it's the level exit.

Change some level attributes

You can change the level camera limit in the Item Level Settings in the left menu. You have to enter pixels here. You can find more information on this section in the Website Editor Tutorial

Testing the level

Now press Ctrl+S to save your work and F8 to disable the editor. Maryo will fall down and you can run to the right side in front of the door. By pressing run (default key is "A") or up you'll end this level. You've just created and tested your first level!


If you want to see an example, press Ctrl+L in the level editor or any level and enter tut1_1 in the dialog box. By pressing enter you'll load the level. Keep in mind, you can always load all the levels in Secret Maryo Chronicles for your investigative work, e.g. check out how a front passive element is used.

See how easy it is to create a simple level? And now feel free to add your genius fun levels. How do you do that? See the Website Editor Tutorial and the Level Design Guidelines.

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