Castle Levels

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Castle Levels

Postby Levelmakerman1 » 06 Aug 2009 13:31

Coming Up!
A hard castle full of danger!
Go through more than 10 doors! And beat 9 Levels!
Find the secrets in the levels. :D

You need the temple_1.ogg.
Download it, when the castle - levelset relase.(It's in the .zip package)

Some screenshots.

EDIT: Demo downloadable here!
EDIT: Castle-Levelset 1.0 has been relased (see the new levels and worlds/relases)
Sry, but i'm born to fail! XD
Thank you for listening me guys, and thanks for the wonderful game! I just wanna say that this account is almost dead soon. I can post some levels and stuff very rarely. A long time after that this account will be TOTALLY dead. Sorry... Again, thank you for reading this. The last thing i want is at least one of my levels is in any new version of SMC.
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Re: Castle Levels

Postby Quintus » 21 Nov 2014 15:48

Wait what?
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Re: Castle Levels

Postby Luiji » 21 Nov 2014 20:43

Quintus wrote:Wait what?

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