UNIX name change

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Does the name need to be changed?

Poll ended at 03 Apr 2008 20:29

No, it's fine for now
Yes, just a little (Secret M___ Chronicles)
Yes, but keep S____ M_____
Yes, completely changed
Total votes : 35

Re: UNIX name change

Postby helios » 11 Mar 2008 05:56

Manscent wrote:Let's create a new thread for name ideas with an optional description of why we think they fit. We could have it open until april 10th. Then we'll have a vote of registered users, where we can only vote once, and the majority will choose our new name.

Sounds good to me. Just a couple of additions I'd make.

1. As I found out in my recent "Name Krunch" thread/poll, if you add a new option to a poll underway, it throws out all previous votes, so it's important to have all considered options listed when the poll starts.
2. Because there are always so many options for this kind of thing, it helps to group similar suggestions in a first poll, and then taking the winning group, and break it up into a second poll. Otherwise you end up with 30 options, most with only 1 vote and the winning option with only 2 votes. We've already done that a bit in the poll on this post by asking should it stay the same, be a bit different, be an SMC or completely new.
3. I think FluXey needs to be part of the process, before we turn his project into "Super Monkey Cheesecake Place" :wink:

So I'd suggest:

Step 1. Someone get FluXey online and get his feelings on this, and if he's ok, proceed to:
Step 2. We take name suggestions from everyone (including guests) for the next Monday (March 17)
Step 3. We group them where they are similar, and run poll#1 (registered users only) for two weeks until Monday (March 31)
Step 4. We take the group that won poll#1, and put the variations into poll#2 for a week (registered only) to get the winner.
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Re: UNIX name change

Postby FluXy » 11 Mar 2008 23:07

I would like to delay this a bit.

The new name should not be polled and doesn't need to be Italian.
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