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Secret Maryo Chronicles is an Open Source two-dimensional platform game with a design similar to classic computer games. SMC uses an accelerated Open Graphics Library to support high quality textures and performance.

Info Read about the Features, take a look at the Screenshots and post your levels on the Community Forums.

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Today SMC turned 20 years old :) - 2023.01.01
SMC was registered on 2003.01.01 at 17:44 on Sourceforge.
Checkout the complete history of SMC and a Happy New Year!

Music Package 5.0 Released - 2011.1.10
It includes new boss and snow music and replaces the land_4 music.

The SMC Shop Opened - 2009.12.12
We hope you find something you like and with every purchase a portion goes to SMC :) Take a look

SMC 1.9 Released ! - 2009.08.17
New enemy, new sprites, editor updates, new static enemy, many fixes, and more ! Take a look

SMC 1.8 Released ! - 2009.04.08
Better moving platforms and static enemy, sprite updates, new GUI design and updated menu, many fixes, optimizations and more ! Take a look

Music Package 4.1 Released - 2009.2.18
Includes 2 new overworld music tracks.

SMC 1.7 Released ! - 2008.12.25
Many new sprites, collision handling updates, updated sprites, editor updates, many fixes and more ! Take a look

SMC 1.6 Released ! - 2008.09.27
Mac support, basic translation support, updated sprites, editor updates, many fixes and more ! Take a look

SMC 1.5 Released ! - 2008.05.03
New World, many new sprites, replaced enemies, particle emitter, ambient sound, many fixes and more ! Take a look

Upgraded Forum. - 2008.02.24
New forum is online and gets its style slowly back.

SMC the Nr.1 on apc. - 2008.01.26
The apc present its selection of the most addictive, fun and refined Open Source games for January 2008 and SMC took the first place :D.
Thanks to the SMC Team and everyone involved !

New Screenshots from the new World. - 2008.01.22

SMC 1.4 Released ! - 2007.12.23
New Sprites, Image Cache, some important fixes and more ! Take a look

SMC 1.3 Released ! - 2007.12.01
New Sprites, different ground types, optimized savegame support, Joystick axis support, many fixes and more ! Take a look

SMC 1.2 Released ! - 2007.10.18
New Jungle sprites, level new/edit/delete buttons, new and remastered sounds, fixed horizontal level scrolling, many fixes and more ! Take a look

SMC 1.1 Released ! - 2007.9.21
User/Game directory separation, Overworld updates, updated graphics and animations, updated levels, many fixes and more ! Take a look

SMC 1.0 Released ! - 2007.7.28
New Jungle Tileset and updated graphics, new animations, Text Box, updated levels, many fixes and more ! Take a look

Music Package 4.0 Released - 2007.7.28
Includes 2 new game music files for game over and the boss battle.

SMC 0.99.7 Released - 2007.6.15
Many new and updated Graphics, new Sounds, updated levels, many fixes and more ! Take a look

Play SMC with a Wii remote - 2007.5.17
BowserJr posted a guide on the forums to play SMC with a Wii remote.

SMC 0.99.6 Released - 2007.4.18
Fast running, new Graphics, Editor updates, new and updated levels, better image quality, many fixes and more ! Take a look

SMC 0.99.5 Released - 2007.2.28
New Maryo !, new Maryo Ghost and Snow Powerup, new Graphics, new Editor with Basic Overworld editing support, better Linux support, Level List, alot fixes and more ! Take a look

IRC Channel opened - 2007.2.21
Chat with the SMC Team and other players in #secretmaryo on

SMC 0.99.4 Released - 2007.1.4
New Graphics, new Boss Enemy, new Leveleditor Features, Overworld and Level updates, Better Linux support, many fixes and alot more ! Take a look

Today SMC got 4 Years old - 2007.1.1
SMC got registered exactly on the 2003-01-01 17:44 on Sourceforge.
See the complete History of SMC now online and Happy New Year from the SMC Team !

Level Editor Tutorial updated
The Tutorial explains now more Features which were lately added and looks alot better.

Wiki Opened
The SMC Wiki is now open for everyone. Help us out with Documentation, Tutorials and anything else that fits :D

SMC 0.99.3 Released
New Enemies, new Main Menu, new Overworld, new Game Icon, and alot more ! Take a look

Music Package 3.1 Released
Now with an Installer to easily install the music into the SMC directory

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