Ground Down


Many Monsters are out there and some of them have special abilities and resistances. They can be defeated by jumping on them, hitting them with fire or ice balls, or running into them while invincible.

Header Furball (Brown)
Furball (Brown)

He is the most basic and common enemy as he just walks forward in a straight line until something causes him to turn. With no particular strengths, a simple jump is enough to hit him. His secret attack is to lull you into a false sense of security so that you will forget to do anything and just stupidly run into him. Don't fall for it!

Header Turtle

He walks all the time until you jump on him or kick the shell, which turns him into a fast moving shell that also hits other enemies. The moving shell can activate boxes and Maryo can hold it if the action key is pressed. He comes also in a green color variant that is moving faster.

Header Flyon

Flyons often hide in pipes or caves and jump out all the time unless Maryo blocks the exit. Watch where you step, because you never know where they may be hiding! It has sharp teeth, so don't try to jump on it.

Header Eato

A small, static plant that will try to bite Maryo if he gets close. Touching it from any side will hurt Maryo unless you are invincible.

Header Furball (Blue)
Furball (Blue)

Like the brown Furball, but moves much faster. Recovers from the effects of ice very fast, so watch out!

Header Thromp

Thromp will hang in one place until Maryo gets close, then he flies towards him in an attempt to crush Maryo. You can stand on his head safely.

Header Spika

Comes in three colours, in ascending size; orange, green and silver. Will roll towards Maryo if he gets close. Can't be jumped on unless invincible.

Header Rokko

A giant bullet character who flies towards Maryo when in range. He's hard to dodge so get out of the way as soon as you hear his noise. Can't be killed with star power, but you can jump on him.

Header Gee

Comes in three varieties: Geelectro (yellow), Geelava (red) and Geevenom (green). All can move either vertically or horizontally. Can often be jumped on to cross gaps. Gee lava is resistant to fire.

Header Krush

Krush is a large red monster who walks back and forth. Stomp on him once to turn him into his faster bottom half form, Krushed.

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